Beginning of the new Church School Year

Dear Parents, As the summer months slowly begin to wane, it is time to start thinking about the beginning of the new church school year. We have been working diligently to plan and organize wonderful programs for the youth of our parish. We have acquired a new set of church school textbooks and are excited to share them with you and your children and to start learning from them. Our diverse programming offers strong religious and cultural education, as well as a nurturing, church-centered, environment for learning. We have also been contemplating the idea of starting with the Serbian Language classes, as a part of the Sunday School. We would love to get your opinion about it. Below see the schedule and planned activities for the weekend of 08-09 September 2018. – On Saturday, September 08, 2018, we will have a joint Vesper Service at 6 pm, dinner, fellowship, music, dance and an overnight lock-in!! (PLEASE BRING YOUR SLEEPING BAGS!!) For those who would like come early please know t..

The Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord and the Ordination of Jovan Katanic...

The brightness of the Transfiguration of the Lord, illuminating all the universe, was shining on the parish of St. Sava in San Gabriel, California, where a great number of parishioners gathered to celebrate the great feast of the Lord through the Eucharistic assembly, under the leadership of His Grace and Father, Bishop Maxim. On this sunny morning in front of the church the parishioners with their parish priest Father Predrag Bojović greeted Bishop Maksim, who, blessed the gathered faithful people with the rapture of the tropars of the holy feast. The church with hearts filled with prayer was ready to bring the Eucharistic Gift to the Transfigured Lord by the hands of their bishop. In the liturgical assembly, God showed the pleasant joy of the Eucharistic union through which we walk safely toward salvation and eternal life in the light of our Creator and Savior. Bishop Maxim was assisted by Father Predrag Bojović, diocesan Deacon Vladan Radovanovic and parish Deacon Jovan Katanic. Th..

Vidovdan Celebration at St. Sava Church

ВИДОВДАНСКА ПРОСЛАВА У НАШЕМ ХРАМУ “Сећање је акт љубави…” (о. Александар Шмеман) Ове речи о. Александра, вероватно, најбоље осликавају и сумаризују овогодишњу видовданску прославу у светосавској парохији у Лос Анђелесу. Бог се нас сећа и Његово сећање и Његова љубав су у суштини основа целога света и нашег постојања. У складу са тим, наше молитвено сећање и помињање Св. Кнеза Лазара заједно са свим косовским мученицима и новомученицима свих српских земаља, служи као Извор воде живе, као инспирација и охрабрење нама, њиховим потомцима, да им следујемо и да их подражавамо, подражавајући тако Прво-мученика Христа, кога су они следили. Литургијско сабрање је предводио наш отац и Епископ западноамерички Максим уз саслуживање протопрезвитера Предрага Бојовића и ђакона Владана Радовановића. Помагали су им и чтец Јован Мишковић као и девет олтарских помоћника, уз активно учешће нашег парохијског хора и око 130 душа. Владика Максим је, овом приликом, изговорио и две инспиративне архипастирске ..


ДРАЖИНДАН У СВЕТОМ САВИ Драга браћо и сестре, Придружите нам се у недељу 15. јула у молитвеном сећању на Генерала Драгољуба Михајловића и прослављању “Дражиндана”, који је још 1986. године прогласио и установио градоначелник Лос Анђелеса Том Бредли. Добро нам дошли! Света Литургија – 10:00 Помен – 11:15 Ручак – 12:00 Служићемо вруће јагњеће и прасеће печење, шопску салату и…! “DRAZINDAN” AT ST. SAVA Dear brothers and sisters, Please join us this coming Sunday, July 15th, in a prayerful remembrance on General Dragoljub Mihajlovic and celebration of his day “Drazindan”, proclaimed and instituted by the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles Tom Bradley in 1986. WELCOME! Divine Liturgy – 10:00 am Memorial Service – 11:15 am Parish Luncheon – 12:00 pm We will be serving a hot pork and lamb roast along with “Sopska” salad and so much more!


Dear Parents, I would like to invite you to enroll your children into the second week (July 15th-21st) of the Saint Sava Camp in Jackson, CA, as this week is traditionally reserved for the youth from LA, San Diego and Phoenix. Saint Sava Camp is a great opportunity for our children to develop new friendships, to have tons of fun, while learning so much about our faith, culture and traditions. Please know that our parish has designated funds to financially assist those families who would like to send their kids but can not afford it. Please contact me directly with your questions and concerns. To find more info and enroll your child please visit: Again don’t delay! We are anticipating another great year with full attendance. There are only 90 places for campers each week. We fill up very fast! Act now and reserve a place for this life changing experience!


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