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Nativity Fast Begins

We wish you a blessed and spiritually rewarding Advent Season Nativity Fast – Our Journey to Bethlehem November 28th – January 07th​ “Make ready, O Bethlehem: let the manger be prepared, let the cave show its welcome. The truth has come, the shadow has passed away…” The herald of the pending miracle begins. It is the Eve of the Nativity as these words are sung. The transformation of the world, the birth of God, is but a few weeks away, and it is through such words that the faithful are called into attentiveness and anticipation. ‘Make ready, O Bethlehem!’ We can see the radiant lights of the feast just beyond the horizon, we can taste the sweetness of the miracle that took place beneath a star; and through the words sung around and within us in the Church, the great eve of the birth of God is made a reality in our present experience. We make ready, and we wait. But this is not the first moment of preparation for the Feast. For ‘forty days’, beginning on November 28th, the Church w..


The Serbian Soccer Club, Ravna Gora is celebrating its slava, Mitrovdan on November 10, 2019. Divine Liturgy will be at 10:00 a.m. along with the cutting of the kolac. Ivan Novakovic will be the honored Slava Kum. Everyone is welcome!!! Србски ФК ,,Равна Гора” ће прославити своју славу, Митровдан, у недељу 10. новембра, 2019. године после Свете литургије. Почасни кум овогодишње славе је гoсподин Иван Новаковић. Добро нам дошли!