Memorial Saturday – Задушнице

Драги парохијани, У суботу, 22. фебруара, у старој цркви Светог Саве, крај српског гробља, са почетком у 9:30, биће служена Света Литургија и парастос за покој наших вољених, уснулих у Господу. Дођите да заједнички узнесемо молитве за покој њихових душа! У Христу, о. Предраг Memorial Saturday – February 22nd, 2020 Dear parishioners, This coming Saturday, starting at 09:30 a.m. at the old Saint Sava Church, by the Serbian Cemetery, there will be a Divine Liturgy followed by a Memorial Service, for the repose of the souls of our loved ones, who fell asleep in the Lord. Please join us in offering our prayers for the salvation of their souls! In Christ, Fr. Predrag


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Preparing for Great Lent

The paschal season of the Church is preceded by the season of Great Lent, which is itself preceded by its own liturgical preparation. The first sign of the approach of Great Lent comes five Sundays before its beginning. On this Sunday the Gospel reading is about Zacchaeus the tax-collector. It tells how Christ brought salvation to the sinful man and how his life was greatly changed simply because he “sought to see who Jesus was” (Lk 19.3). The desire and effort to see Jesus begins the entire movement through lent towards Easter. It is the first movement of salvation. The following Sunday is that of the Publican and the Pharisee. The focus here is on the two men who went to the Temple to pray—one a pharisee who was a very decent and righteous man of religion, the other a publican who was a truly sinful tax-collector who was cheating the people. The first, although genuinely righteous, boasted before God and was condemned, according to Christ. The second, although genuinely sinful, begge..